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Intensive Japanese Language Program - Intensive Japanese Language Program

Our Intensive Japanese Language Program provides instruction in the Japanese language, current affairs and culture to international students wanting to enroll in Japanese universities or graduate schools. There is a one-year course with enrollment in April, and an eighteen-month course with enrollment in September. The Japanese language and other subjects are studied during both terms. Classes are held in our historic International Education Hall in classrooms equipped with learning aids, computer-assisted language-learning (CALL) labs, self-study labs equipped with PCs and other facilities, offering international students an enhanced learning environment.

Along with Japanese- and English-language classes organized by ability level, students can prepare for elective examinations in the humanities and sciences—including math, physics, chemistry and biology—and increase their understanding of Japan through additional courses such as Japanese current affairs, culture, contemporary society, geography and history.

Faculty assigned under our homeroom system provide extensive guidance and support regarding future options throughout, and courses are divided according to objective, whether students plan to enroll in Takushoku University, national or public universities, or graduate schools, or to prepare through Japanese-language studies for the Japanese-Language Proficiency Test. We also have a recommendation program for freshman-year enrollment in any of Takushoku University’s five undergraduate faculties, and students deemed to have the qualifications can also take the exam to transfer in as third-year TU undergraduates.

Takushoku University International Education Hall 1-7-1 Otsuka, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
130 students
Admission periods and terms of study: Spring enrollment, one year (from April to the following March); fall enrollment, 1.5 years (from September to March in the year after next). Students who take the prescribed classes and are recognized as having completed those classes receive a certificate of completion.

Major Destination Schools

Graduate Schools:
Takushoku University, University of Tokyo, University of Tsukuba, Hitotsubashi University, Yokohama National University, Waseda University, and others
Takushoku University, University of Tokyo, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, Ibaraki University, Mie University, Tokyo Metropolitan University, Keio University, Tokyo Denki University, and others
Junior Colleges:
Takushoku University Hokkaido Junior College, and others
Vocational Schools:
Various types of vocational schools

Advancing to Takushoku University

We have established a referral system and a transfer enrollment system to help students advance from the Intensive Japanese Language Program for Overseas Students to an undergraduate program at Takushoku University or to Takushoku University Hokkaido Junior College. (A portion of the admissions fee will be waived.)

Academic Fees

  Admission fee Tuition Education and research fee Total
Spring enrollment ¥125,000 ¥475,000 ¥30,000 ¥630,000
Fall enrollment ¥125,000 ¥712,500 ¥45,000 ¥882,500


Aimed at supporting studies and everyday living experience in Japan, scholarship programs are available to students who meet the objectives and conditions of various scholarships through an internal selection process.

Number of Students (Academic Year 2016)

Country/Region Fall Enrollment Spring Enrollment
Total 29 45
China 9 16
Vietnam 11 13
Taiwan 6 8
Indonesia 1 2
Thailand 0 2
South Korea 1 1
Iran 0 1
Bangladesh 0 1
Romania 1 0
The Philippines 0 1

Intensive Japanese Language Program

  1. Intensive Japanese Language Program
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