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Overview - Educational philosophy

Takushoku University’s educational objectives are based on its founding principle: “The cultivation of talented individuals who have an enterprising spirit and who have been equipped with the education and quality of character worthy of the respect of all people.” With the goal of improving educational quality and enhancing its recognition in international society, the university has set the following three basic policies and strives to equip students with a high degree of internationality, specialized knowledge and character.

Three Basic Policies

1.Admission Policy

Our policy is to identify and accept individuals with a sense of mission who are well suited to an international university environment, have distinctive personalities, and are highly motivated to learn.

2.Curriculum Policy

Each faculty at Takushoku creates its curriculum to equip students with highly specialized knowledge, skills and problem-solving abilities in a systematic and progressive way. Also designed to help students hone their communication skills and contribute to their career development, our curricula are constantly being refined through a process of student class evaluations and evaluations of instructor education and research performance.

3.Diploma Policy

Bachelor’s degrees will be awarded to students who have taken classes to acquire a wide range of specialized knowledge, skills and problem-solving abilities—as well as classes that foster the essential knowledge that all Takushoku University students must possess—and who have earned the prescribed number of academic credits after a rigorous grading and evaluation process.


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