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Graduate Schools - Graduate School of International Cooperation Studies

Seeking new possibilities for international cooperation through two sectors of international development studies and international security studies

International Development Studies Course (Master’s and Doctoral Programs)

In addition to identifying and exploring linkages between policy theories and comparative research on the paths of development emerging nations are following, students learn practical research methods through fieldwork. This program cultivates individuals interested in conducting the local research required around the world toward that end, and who have the insight and ability to formulate, propose, implement and evaluate basic development strategies.

International Security Studies Course (Master’s and Doctoral Programs)

Students learn about methods of international cooperation by studying developmental economics as well as gaining a deep understanding of issues related to politics, culture, religion, ethnicity and history. Based on both theoretical and empirical research, they seek ways to solve international problems by conducting research on policies related to safety and security as well as crisis management, and by conducting local research that focuses on politics and diplomacy. This is a new program that enables students to study and conduct research on safety and security and crisis management.

Graduate Schools

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  5. Graduate School of International Cooperation Studies
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