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Graduate Schools - Graduate School of Language Education

Striving to produce experts in language education with advanced, specialized knowledge and a strong understanding of information technologies

English Education Course (Master’s Program)

This course cultivates specialists who can adapt flexibly to diverse needs and who can provide advanced language education. It encourages research and development from a comprehensive perspective, with great efforts being made in the areas of computer use and teaching material development. The focus is largely placed on specializations in English-language education, linguistics and the English language, and communication in English.

Japanese Education Course (Master’s Program)

In addition to learning methods of teaching the Japanese language, students conduct various kinds of research, such as examining the essential qualities of Japanese culture, cultural comparisons between Japan and the Western world as well as other parts of Asia, and research on education that promotes cross-cultural communication. Through the course, students learn to become bridges that connect Japan to the cultures and societies of countries around the globe.

Language Education Course (Doctoral Program)

This course promotes scientific research and universal language education at a more advanced level by combining the two master’s programs described above. It produces well-equipped specialists who can take charge of advanced education in the fields of linguistics and pedagogy at a time when contemporary society is characterized by advanced information technologies and internationalization.

Graduate Schools

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  4. Graduate School of Language Education
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