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Graduate Schools - Graduate School of Engineering

Graduate School of Engineering Overview

Mechanical and Electronic Systems Engineering Course (Master’s and Doctoral Program)

This course produces individuals capable of constructing optimal systems for solving various problems in the rapidly developing fields of science and technology. It focuses on specialization in the following fields: applied dynamics; robot and control systems engineering; energy systems engineering; design engineering; signal processing and circuit system engineering; and applied telecommunications engineering.

Information and Design Engineering Course (Master’s and Doctoral Program)

This course develops individuals able to propose new solutions based on specialized knowledge and technologies, and to deal with the problems that arise when implementing those solutions. It offers specializations in the following fields: information science; information engineering; intuitive information system design; and lifestyle environment system design.

Graduate Schools

  1. Graduate School of Economics
  2. Graduate School of Commerce
  3. Graduate School of Engineering
  4. Graduate School of Language Education
  5. Graduate School of International Cooperation Studies
  6. Graduate School of Local Government
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