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Faculties - Faculty of International Studies

Cultivating world citizens who can contribute to international development, business and culture, with a focus on Asia, Africa, and South and Central America

Department of International Studies

Since its founding, this department has been developing its studies of international problems through the perspective of local peoples, primarily in the developing nations of Asia, Africa, and Central and South America. It strives to produce individuals who are equipped to act and communicate as true global citizens.

International Cooperation Course

Students explore policies for solving problems that developing nations face in areas such as poverty, healthcare and education, and consider strategies for providing support through the use of ODA and partnerships with NGOs.

International Economics Course

In this course, students consider the future of the international economy, asking questions about what an economic structure would look like in a scenario where the world’s developed and developing nations—and regional economies all over the globe—develop and prosper together.

International Politics Course

What can be done to end the conflicts and disputes that continue to occur unabated around the world? Students learn about safety and security frameworks and policies.

International Culture Course

This course cultivates global citizens through the study of language, history and cultures of countries around the world, and deepening their understanding of and ability to communicate with the people of other cultures.

International Tourism Course

Interpersonal exchanges are growing ever more popular all over the planet, and communication through tourism is a growing target of attention. This course aims to cultivate a new kind of tourism professional with a broad knowledge of the world who also understands issues of multicultural exchange and environmental problems.

Comprehensive Agriculture Course

Students learn specialized knowledge about efficient agricultural production, which is the basis on which Japan is built, and about raising the food self-sufficiency ratio. They also learn practical skills by participating in agricultural internships at Takushoku University Hokkaido Junior College.


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