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Faculties - Faculty of Foreign Languages

Developing world citizens who can analyze the culture of a country using that country’s language

Department of English Language

The importance of English continues to grow in contemporary society. This department helps students develop the ability to communicate on equal terms with native English speakers and acquire truly international sensibilities. By emphasizing presentation and debating techniques and equipping students with practical skills, it cultivates strong communication capabilities that give students a more accurate understanding of the English-speaking world.

  • English Language and Education Course: This course is appropriate for those who want to learn grammar, pronunciation and other aspects of English from a linguistic perspective or in comparison with other languages, as well as for individuals hoping to become English teachers.
  • English Communication Course: This course is designed for students wanting to learn practical English skills, such as the essential business skills of writing e-mails and drafting English-language documents, based on an understanding of foreign cultures.
  • British and American Culture Course: This course is ideal for students who want to comprehensively research the cultural, social and historical backgrounds of the languages used in the English-speaking world.

Department of Chinese Language

There are now 1.3 billion Chinese people in the world, meaning that one in every five people is Chinese. With Chinese being the language used in the most watched market this century, demand for Chinese-language skills is growing. Takushoku University’s Chinese-language education aims to help students develop practical Chinese skills using know-how cultivated during the more than one hundred years since this university’s founding. We also teach the culture, history and literature of the Chinese-speaking world, as well as about China-Japan relations.

  • Chinese Communication Course: This course is ideal for those wanting to improve their practical knowledge of Chinese, which is used throughout the Chinese-speaking world in places like China, Taiwan and Hong Kong.
  • Chinese Business Course: This course is designed for those wanting to pursue a career that will allow them to use their Chinese-language skills in the increasingly diverse Japan-China business environment.

Department of Spanish Language

Spanish, which is growing in importance and demand due to its status as an official language of the United Nations, is used by as many as 350 million people in more than twenty countries. This department teaches practical language skills that can help meet social demand for the language, as well as providing insights into the societies, cultures and histories of the Spanish-speaking world.

  • Spanish Communication Course: This practical course is ideal for students with an interest in mastering the Spanish language, including Spanish linguistics, as well as for students seeking work in or related to Spanish-speaking countries.
  • Hispanic Culture Course: This course is designed for students who want to learn about the cultures of the highly expressive Spanish-speaking world—including the arts and literature that form the backdrop for the Spanish language—and who want to deepen their cultural understanding.


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