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Faculties - Faculty of Engineering

Producing engineers who are ready to play a role on the world stage

Mechanics, Telecommunications, and Systems

Department of Mechanical System Engineering

Students gain a wide range of knowledge about mechanical engineering—which focuses on the design, development and manufacture of machines—and other engineering fields that incorporate computer control technologies. They study all kinds of machines, from those encountered in everyday life such as home electronics and cars to industrial machines and robots.

  • Mechanical Design Course
  • Material Systems Course
  • 3D Design Course
  • Mechanical Aviation Course

Department of Electronics and Computer System

Integrating electronic engineering and computer technologies, this field of engineering provides the basic technologies for developing information systems such as the Internet and mobile phone systems. This department cultivates individuals who understand electronic circuits, electromagnetics and both computer hardware and software who are capable of sustaining today’s IT society.

  • Telecommunications Network Systems Course
  • Video and Audio Systems Course
  • Biological Systems Course
  • Digital Systems Course
  • Robotics Course
  • Environment and Energy Course
  • Collaborative Course: Cultivates individuals with deep knowledge of both mechanical engineering and electrical/electronic engineering who can engage in research and development in advanced fields.

Information, Design, and Media

Department of Computer Science

Students learn about the technologies that drive computers, which form the core of many industrial fields and today’s information society, and learn about information system construction and the delivery of related services.

  • Systems Engineering Course
  • Computer Software Course
  • Internet Services Course
  • Embedded Systems Course

Department of Design

  • Intuitive Design Course
  • Lifestyle Design Course
  • Product Design Course
  • Communications Design Course
  • Games and Simulations Course
  • IT Coordination Course
  • Collaborative Course: Produces individuals who can create new services in fields that integrate information technologies that add value to society, as well as design technologies that enhance everyday living environments.

Three New Developments in the Faculty of Engineering

  1. Students move from taking basic subjects to exploring their fields of interest in their first year
    Students who wish to conduct advanced research or become highly skilled engineers need to possess a certain level of basic knowledge. Our new curriculum allows first-year students to study basic subjects like math, physics, chemistry and English as well as the basics in various specialized fields in engineering while they explore their own fields of interest.
  2. The curriculum allows students to select a specialized course in their second year. Collaborative courses are also offered.
    In their second year, students select a course in which they gain specialized knowledge and technologies. There is a wide variety of courses to choose from, including collaborative courses that allow students to conduct interdisciplinary studies. We strive to produce engineers and creators who have a combination of knowledge and skills in a variety of fields and who can conduct cutting-edge work in their fields of specialization.
  3. Special courses have been established to promote the growth of international engineers and pilots
    We have established a special International Engineer Course. It provides an international education for students in each department that includes English-language education starting in their first year. It has a two-year study abroad component, and aims to produce international engineers, pilots and mechanics who can play a role on the world stage.


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