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Faculties - Faculty of Political Science and Economics

Producing graduates who can succeed in the working world by teaching them about the core fields that form our social framework: politics, law and economics

Department of Law and Political Science

Japan is experiencing aging and low birthrate trends unlike anywhere else in the world. It is also facing challenges related to globalization, regional decentralization and the development of today’s advanced information society. This department explores the approaches needed to maintain social order, cultivates students who can solve various current problems by viewing Japanese social systems from the perspectives of both law and politics, and develops knowledge and analytical skills that produce real insights.

Department of Economics

Economic activity’s tremendous power can change society for better or for worse. Students will examine the impact those activities have on society in light of such factors as local communities, historical fact, current realities and the environment. By rigorously analyzing these economic activities and identifying the problems that exist, students will explore the directions that global economic activity should take in the twenty-first century, which is being touted as the century of the environment.


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