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Faculties - Faculty of Commerce

Cultivating the sensibilities and skills needed in international business environments

Department of Business Administration

Students learn the essence of what a company is and what it means to run a business, all from a global perspective.
The department equips students with specialized knowledge of the latest business administration practices and business strategies, and of the state-of-the-art communication tools that are increasingly vital to international business and international finance. It strives to cultivate individuals who can work in a variety of fields all over the world.

  • Business Administration Course: Students acquire skills that allow them to operate on the front lines of the business world, and learn the frameworks that will enable them to run successful businesses.
  • Management Information Course: This course places a high priority on the acquisition of information management and application technologies—which control the fate of corporate management—and aims to cultivate talented, industry-ready individuals.
  • Distribution and Marketing Course: Students study marketing theory—which drives the strategies for product sales planning in the distribution industry—as well as related research methods.

Department of International Business

This department produces businesspeople equipped to succeed on the world stage by offering well-balanced instruction in three fields: trade, service and business, and communication. Its groundbreaking curriculum allows students to study both international business and the English language.

Department of Accounting

Accounting processes are essential to healthy economic development and to conveying the true state of a business to organizations and the public. This department’s curriculum is designed to develop accounting specialists who can perform related roles, including tax accountants, certified public accountants, corporate professionals in financial affairs and accounting, and workers at banks and securities companies.

Accounting Education Center (AEC)

Located on the Hachioji International Campus, the AEC aims to round out the accounting education the Faculty of Commerce provides and to support students in the Department of Accounting. Graduate students serving as teaching assistants are always available at the AEC to explain difficult points of coursework and to offer advice about study plans. The center also has reference books and DVDs of lectures to help students prepare for certification exams, and exam practice sessions are held each morning.


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