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International Exchange - International Exchange

There are over a thousand international students from thirty-one different countries and regions studying at Takushoku University, and the university has been actively recruiting international students for more than seven decades. Its fifty years of experience teaching international students Japanese and comprehensive support system help make the lives of international students more comfortable.

To support international students, the university has implemented its own scholarship program, built international student dormitories, and prepared an environment that enables international students to focus on their studies. The university has also established a support system to help international students deal with unfamiliar aspects of Japanese life and established a training program to help them understand Japan better. The university also provides various types of guidance to help these students plan their careers after graduation, and specialized counselors for international students are available to address their concerns.

International Exchange and Foreign Students Center

With the aim of training students to be global individuals, the International Exchange and Foreign Students Center engages in campus-wide coordination of international exchanges and the education and support of international students.

Friendship and Support Association for Students Enrolled in the Intensive Japanese Language Program for Overseas Students

The association provides various forms of support at the initiative of Japanese students for students who are enrolled in the Intensive Japanese Language Program for Overseas Students with the objective of advancing to a Japanese undergraduate or graduate program. The association’s main activities include support activities during the educational trips and homeroom class of the Intensive Japanese Language Program for Overseas Students—held once a week on the Bunkyo Campus—which are designed to help international students become more familiar with Japanese culture, university life and the Japanese language. The students who support international students as members of the association gain a more international perspective through their interactions with students from around the world.

Educational Trips and Hands-on Learning for International Students

Educational Trips and Hands-on Learning for International Students

The university organizes a one-night, two-day educational trip (during the first semester) and a hands-on learning experience (during the second semester) for first- and second-year international students. These activities are designed to help international students live fulfilling student lives in Japan by giving them opportunities to understand Japan more broadly through directly experiencing elements of Japanese history and traditional culture. Because these events give international students opportunities to interact with each other as well as with teachers and Japanese students, many of them choose to participate.

Overseas Partner Schools

We currently partner with 50 universities and state institutions located in 22 countries and regions around the world. These partnerships provide students with opportunities to learn through overseas exchange and cooperation that matches their goals and the field of study that they are interested in.

List of Partner Schools (as of April 1, 2016)
(22 countries and regions, 46 universities, and 4 institutions)

List of Partner Schools
  1. US
    1. Central Washington University
    2. University of Maryland, Baltimore County
    3. University of Arkansas’s College of Engineering
    4. Portland State University*1
    5. University of Nebraska at Kearney
    6. University of Alaska Anchorage
  2. Canada
    1. Langara College
  3. UK
    1. University of Exeter
    2. University of Winchester
    3. BEET Language Centre*2
  4. Australia
    1. University of New South Wales
  5. China
    1. Peking University
    2. North China University of Technology
    3. Tianjin Foreign Studies University
    4. Shanghai Jiao Tong University
    5. Xiamen University
    6. East China University of Science and Technology
    7. State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs*3
    8. Chinese Social Sciences Net*3
  6. Taiwan
    1. Soochow University
    2. MingDao University
    3. Chang Jung Christian University
    4. Kainan University
  7. Spain
    1. University of Salamanca
  8. Mexico
    1. National Autonomous University of Mexico
  9. Indonesia
    1. Universitas Darma Persada
    2. Gadjah Mada University
    3. Brawijaya University
    4. Universitas Padjadjaran
  10. Korea
    1. Daegu University
    2. Daegu Future College
    3. Kyung Hee University
    4. University of Ulsan
  1. Malaysia
    1. International Islamic University Malaysia
    2. The National University of Malaysia
  2. Thailand
    1. Khon Kaen University
    2. Naresuan University
    3. Kasetsart University
  3. Philippines
    1. University of the Philippines
  4. Mongolian
    1. Soyol-Erdem University
    2. National University of Mongolia
  5. Kazakhstan
    1. Kazakh Economic University
  6. Uzbekistan
    1. Tashkent State University of Economics
  7. Tajikistan
    1. Tajik State Institute of Languages
  8. Vietnam
    1. Vietnam National University, Hanoi
    2. Foreign Trade University
  9. Egypt
    1. Cairo University
  10. Brazil
    1. Universiade de São Paulo
  11. Russia
    1. Far Eastern Federal University
  12. New Zealand
    1. Dominion English Schools*2
  13. *1 Unofficial partner school
    *2 Language school
    *3 Government-run institution

International Exchange

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