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Campus Life - Job-hunting Support

Career Counseling Office

Both the Bunkyo and Hachioji International Campuses offer job search support services. Takushoku University offers career guidance for international students and also enables international students to participate in all support programs alongside their Japanese counterparts. Starting in the 2013 academic year, we began conducting programs specifically designed for international students, such as a Joint Company Info Session for International Students and an Industry and Company Research Support Program. These are designed to further strengthen the job support services available to international students.

Individual consultations are available on a drop-in basis, and the office is always staffed with a coordinator who specializes in working with international students. We are also making it possible for students to search job postings online from home, as jobs are occasionally posted to the Takushoku University Job Search Web (our internal job-hunting site). Companies know that many international students attend Takushoku University, so they directly provide many job postings only to us.

Overnight Group Job-hunting Seminar

We offer a two-day, one-night overnight job-hunting seminar where students can engage in practice interviews and attend seminars on business etiquette. You can strengthen your job-hunting skills with a variety of programs, including mock interviews and individual counseling sessions conducted by individuals with corporate human resource management experience.

Programs for International Students

We organize the Joint Company Info Session for International Students—which involves the participation of companies that actively hire international students—and a Company Research Group Work Training for undergraduate juniors and seniors and first-year graduate students.

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