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Campus Life - Around Hachioji International Campus

Hachioji/Mount Takao

Located in the western suburbs of Tokyo, the sprawling Hachioji International Campus is a five-minute bus ride away from Takao Station. Hachioji is a city of education where many universities are located, and there is a great deal of interaction between these schools. Hachioji is also conveniently located, with two train lines that can take you directly from Hachioji to the heart of Tokyo: the JR Chuo Line and the Keio Line. The campus has an international house and a dormitory for international students.

The campus is only one station (and about three minutes) away from the famous Mount Takao, which has been popularized in recent years by the Michelin guide and other references. Visitors to the mountain can refresh themselves amidst the new green of spring, fall colors, and other types of natural beauty.

Campus Life

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