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Campus Life - Daily Life Support

Health Management

Medical Office (Hachioji International Campus)
  • Medical Office (Hachioji International Campus: Management Research Building, 1F; Bunkyo Campus: Building C, 2F)
    Go to the Medical Office immediately if you are not feeling well or need first aid because of an injury or other problem. A nurse will treat you. You can also get a referral to a medical facility, discuss your health, and receive various examinations (such as height, weight, blood pressure, and body fat percentage measurement and eye tests).
  • Physical Examination
    Physical examinations are administered each year in April. Be sure to undergo an examination.
  • Medical Expense Compensation
    Only undergraduate students are eligible to get their medical expenses reimbursed; graduate students and students enrolled in the Intensive Japanese Language Program for Overseas Students are not. The university pays 50 percent of the out-of-pocket costs paid to hospitals and pharmacies. The university also pays a portion of the costs for flu vaccinations and the like.

Institutional Guarantor Program for Foreign Student Housing

In Japan, private apartment rental contracts typically require the renter to have a guarantor sign the contract as well. Since most international students do not have someone they can ask to be a guarantor for this purpose, the university supports them by serving as an institutional guarantor for students who meet various conditions and enroll in Comprehensive Renters’ Insurance for Foreign Students Studying in Japan (provided by Japan Educational Exchanges and Services; students must pay for the insurance themselves).

Cafeterias and Shops

The campus has cafeterias, shops and a barbershop to make student life more convenient.
There are two shops on the Hachioji International Campus where you can purchase stationery, books, electric appliances, clothes and food, and also offers copy services. There are also three cafeterias, two cafés that serve light snacks, and various fast-food restaurants, making it possible for students to purchase meals at reasonable prices. There are two different types of bank ATM as well.
There is one shop and one cafeteria at the Bunkyo Campus.

Internet Availability

The campus has both wired and wireless networks that students can access freely using the personal ID and password they receive when they enroll. There are PCs in study rooms and other areas that students can use freely, as well as laptops that they can borrow.

Campus Life

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