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Campus Life - Around Bunkyo Campus


Bunkyo Campus is approximately three minutes away on foot from Myogadani Station on the Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line, which circles around the heart of Tokyo. The campus is a ten-minute subway ride away from Tokyo Station, the central railway station in Tokyo. It is also two stations, or five minutes, away from Ikebukuro Station, which is one of a few terminal stations in Tokyo, and about fifteen minutes away from Akihabara. With a wide assortment of large department stores, shopping centers, other shops and hotels, Ikebukuro is very convenient for shopping.

At the same time, the residential area surrounding the campus is full of greenery, so students can become engrossed in their studies in a quiet environment. The International Education Hall on the campus is a historical building with a tiled roof, and is used for the Intensive Japanese Language Program for Overseas Students and other purposes.

Campus Life

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