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  1. President's message
  2. Educational philosophy
  3. Data (no. of international students)
  4. Data (no. of graduates)
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  6. Pamphlet


  1. Faculty of Commerce
  2. Faculty of Political Science and Economics
  3. Faculty of Foreign Languages
  4. Faculty of International Studies
  5. Faculty of Engineering

Graduate Schools

  1. Graduate School of Economics
  2. Graduate School of Commerce
  3. Graduate School of Engineering
  4. Graduate School of Language Education
  5. Graduate School of International Cooperation Studies
  6. Graduate School of Local Government

Intensive Japanese Language Program

  1. Intensive Japanese Language Program

Admission Info

  1. Application details
  2. Academic fees
  3. Scholarships

Campus Life

  1. Dormitories
  2. Comments from current international students
  3. Daily life support
  4. Comments from past international students
  5. Job-hunting support
  6. An international student's day 
(living costs per month per person)
  7. Events
  8. Around Bunkyo Campus
  9. Around Hachioji International Campus

International Exchange

  1. International Exchange
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  2. Site Policy

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